Overhex Wines introduces Balance Limited Edition

Responding to a trend in wine drinking circles which sees consumers increasingly interested in discovering ‘new’ varietals – as opposed to widely available Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Merlot – Overhex Wines International has released a sleek new restaurant-focussed range: Balance Limited Edition. This new range includes a single-varietal Pinot Grigio, Cinsault and Malbec.

True to Overhex’s culture, which promotes distinctive brands and chic packaging, the new range of Balance Limited Edition wines also offers a unique edge: released in a bolder, Bordeaux-style bottle, this new series of wines have statement black labels with the brand’s trademark balancing elephant in metallic red, purple, and green.

According to Chantelle Potgieter, Sales and Marketing Director at Overhex Wines, they are very clear about who they’re targeting with this new range: “This bold new range is for the ‘engaged newcomer’ to wine. These consumers are interested in learning more about wine, and they enjoy making new discoveries.”

Potgieter added: “At Overhex we believe in being finely in tune, and responsive, to market trends. These new single-varietal releases are a relevant, and exciting, addition to the South African market”. She explained that this range is not replacing the existing Balance wine labels, which includes the Balance Winemaker’s Selection: “This addition is to the mid-to-high end of the portfolio, and will only be available in restaurants, and therefore has a very particular focus”.

Malbec and Cinsault are seldom found as single varietals, with Pinot Grigio still a rare find when compared to similar ‘crisp and refreshing’ white wines, like Sauvignon Blanc. Says Ben Snyman, Head Winemaker at Overhex Wines: “The Malbec displays an almost chocolate-like richness with the Cinsault bursting with sour cherries and a tart acidity and although they both offer remarkable drinkability on their own, they are ultimately made to be enjoyed with food. The lighter-styled Pinot Grigio, with its zesty lemon-like quality, serves as a delicious aperitif.

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