Our Audited Ecologically Certified stamp is your guarantee that all the grapes that went into the production of the Balance Eco-range was undertaken with due consideration to a sustainable environment and to the safety of you as consumer.

Over the past decade, there has been a massive global shift towards awareness of man’s impact on the environment.

Not only are manufacturers and producers more conscious of their environmental footprint, but consumer demand for ecologically responsible products have grown exponentially.

Each bottle of the Balance Eco-range is made to IPW Cellar Guidelines, which include:

only grapes which qualify may be used;
wine should be made and bottled in an IPW certified winery and bottling facility;
the person responsible for IPW certification needs to have a thorough understanding of IPW principles - he or she needs to attend a course to become accredited, and thereafter a refreshment course every three years;
wineries have to be situated on agri-industrial or industrial land and use water that is registered for applicable use;
grapes should arrive at the winery in temperatures that do not exceed 25˚ C;
wineries should keep records in which greenhouse gas emissions are kept in order to benchmark them and then set objectives for continual improvement;
wineries should keep records of monthly energy usage applicable to operations;
certificates should be available on file to prove that all relevant substances added to the wine are GMO-free;
wine additives and cleaning chemicals should be stored in separate stores; and
cooling systems should not contain substances or gasses that are harmful to the atmosphere and environment.

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