Balance Buddy

Dressed for Success: Introducing our re-launched Balance Buddy wine range, which sporting irresistibly hip labels, is set to win the hearts of the trendy and bound to make many new friends among the young and the young at heart!

The new Balance Buddy Sweet White label shows our charming elephant, Hank, and a buddy romping about on their bicycles. On the eye-catching Sweet Rosé label Hank and a pal are showing how to do it on a skateboard, while on the Sweet Red label Hank and a mate are seriously challenging gravity!

But great shelf appeal is not the only attribute of the re-launched Balance Buddy. The attractive balance between sweetness and fruitiness, the clean, uncluttered style and overall quality of the three different wines will certainly make wine lovers come back for more!

Balance Buddy Sweet White: Soft and refreshing with beguiling aromas and flavours of guava and granadilla ending in a crisp, clean finish.

Balance Buddy Sweet Rosé: Naturally sweet with tempting hints of strawberry and cherry leading to a refreshing aftertaste.

Balance Buddy Sweet Red:  Rich and robust with generous aromas and flavours of succulent berry fruit balanced by soft tannins.

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Sweet White

Sweet Rosť

Sweet Red