Balance Wines - for life's lighter moments

The Balance wine range was launched in 2004 and is presently enjoyed in 16 different countries, worldwide.Thanks to its international success, the range has been extended to now include Balance Best Blend, Balance Buddy, Balance Winemaker’s Selection and Balance Sparkling.

Looking for an easy drinking, fun and fruitywine to sip after a long, hard day at work? Here's the solution: Balance Best Blend! The range comprises eight superb wines and is also ideal to serve with your next braai.

Planning a picnic, a beach braai or a camping holiday with your mates? May we suggest Balance Buddy: it is delightfully sweet, low in alcohol and comes in White, Rosé and Red.

What about going on that really special date at that really fancy restaurant? Try Balance Winemaker’s Selection - a superbly balanced single cultivar range to flaunt your good taste!

Party time? Grab some Balance Bubbly – a tantalising trio to turn any occasion into a happy celebration.

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